Baker's End


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  • Tom Baker as himself
  • Katy Manning as Suzy Goshawk
  • Diane Morgan as Marcella Doody
  • Stephen Critchlow as Brian Loughdick
  • Susan Jameson as Mrs Frimbly
  • David Benson as Reverend Ailing and Sinister Presence
  • Other roles played by members of the cast


  • Written by Paul Magrs
  • Produced and directed by Simon Barnard
  • Music by Edwin Sykes
  • Post-production by Simon Robinson
  • Design and artwork by Stuart Manning
  • Recorded at Audio Sorcery, Tunbridge Wells

BAKER'S END: Gobbleknoll Hall

Ghost-hunting TV show MANIFEST YOURSELF is filming an overnight vigil in GOBBLEKNOLL HALL, deep in the MURKSOME woods somewhat near the village of Happenstance!

When Mrs Frimbly GETS WIND of these swervish developments she is terribly excited: she’s a huge fan of the show. But the spirits of Gobbleknoll Hall are not to be MESSED about with, as the King of Cats knows all too well! Soon he’s leading his bewildered friend Suzy on a mission to prevent the spooky investigation from going completely TITS UP.

Why is the CREPUSCULAR mansion haunted by the jangling of ancient glam rock anthems? What is the secret of the PHANTOM BOOZER in the basement? And what the fudgeknocking BLAZES is Mrs Frimbly playing at?

Also, there are scenes of a shocking nature in which a POSSESSED Suzy Goshawk tells us EXACTLY what she did on Christmas Day 1975.

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