Scarifyers: The Comic Book


  • Written by Simon Barnard
  • Illustrated by Simon Gurr
  • Cover by Garen Ewing
  • Black and white, 32 pages



Christmas, 1936

Ghost story writer Professor Dunning doesn’t believe in the supernatural. So he’s more than surprised when an invisible demon appears in his living room.

The Metropolitan Police’s oldest-serving officer, Inspector Lionheart doesn’t believe in the supernatural either, wings or no wings. So he’s less than impressed when Russian émigré’s begin dying impossible deaths all over London.

Together, Lionheart and Dunning must face quarrelsome Generals, sinister clowns and Russian demons, in the first adventure for THE SCARIFYERS.

The brand new comic based on the audio series. Written by series creator Simon Barnard, illustrated in crisp black and white by 2000AD artist Simon Gurr, and wrapped in a handsome cover from ligne claire legend Garen Ewing.


Scarifyers: The Comic Book
Scarifyers: The Comic Book
Scarifyers: The Comic Book
Scarifyers: The Comic Book

"Executed with style, expertly written, full of great characters, sparkling dialogue, and some quite magnificent artwork from Simon Gurr. I loved it... The Scarifyers is my new favourite thing in mainstream comics."
Forbidden Planet International Blog

"Sharp, witty dialogue, a fantastic story and beautiful artwork combine to ensure that The Scarifyers debut issue is one of the strongest opening chapters that it's been my pleasure to read in more than three decades of comic devotion."
Mass Movement Magazine

"A very British mix of class satire, supernatural drama, secret societies and clever dialogue, combined with some nicely creative art. I really enjoyed the thoroughly dizzying mix of story elements in this comic, which all spun and cycled around each other in a way that frequently made me feel wonderfully off-balance."
Comics Bulletin

"From audio to comic is a big leap of adaptation... but series creator Simon Barnard has turned in a witty, well-paced script that doesn't feel overly talky. Artist Simon Gurr... does a wonderful, dramatic job... In spite of its origins as an adaptation, this is an excellent page-turner in its own right, and a lot of fun. Seek it out."
Shiny Shelf

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