Hammer Chillers



Hammer Chillers is a brand new audio drama series that will premiere in early 2013. Available first as weekly downloadable episodes exclusively from the Hammer website, the horror anthology series will also be released on CD, with special bonus material.

Writers confirmed for the first series include Stephen Volk (Ghostwatch, The Awakening), comedian Robin Ince (Radio 4’s The Infinite Monkey Cage), Stephen Gallagher (Chimera, The Eleventh Hour) and Hammer star and author Shane Briant (Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter). The cast will include some other faces – and voices – very familiar to Hammer fans!

“Hammer films have been a massive influence on my writing from the days when I sneaked into the White Palace cinema in my home town of Pontypridd to see the likes of The Devil Rides Out and The Vampire Lovers,” says Stephen Volk. “Now to be writing an audio drama under the Hammer banner is a dream (or nightmare!) come true, and I relish the chance to entrance and chill as I was entranced and chilled.”

Stephen Gallagher is another longtime Hammer fan. “Doesn't matter when you were born, everyone's grown up with Hammer; the company developed a style and a brand that’s become a permanent part of our culture. Imagine working for Hammer in the Sixties. Wouldn’t that be the coolest thing? Well, let me tell you, it still is.”

Hammer has teamed up for the project with Cosmic Hobo Productions, the producers of BBC Radio 4 Extra’s supernatural comedy series The Scarifyers. “Hammer Chillers will be every bit as terrifying as their cinematic counterpart,” says Cosmic Hobo executive producer Simon Barnard. “We’re going to take listeners on supernatural journeys that will make them afraid to turn off the lights afterwards!”

Keep your eyes on these pages over the next few months for further news of authors and casting.

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