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  • Nicholas Courtney as Lionheart
  • Terry Molloy as Professor Dunning
  • David Benson as Aleister Crowley, Alexander Chetwode Caulfield Browne, Charles De Saxe, Arthur Nesbitt, PC Copper, and The Verger
  • Jack Fox as Peter Vanguard
  • David Bickerstaff as George Willow, Wally Webber and Barnaby Weir
  • Ilona MacDonald as Martha Willow and Mrs Mumford
  • Sebastian J Brook as Oliver Gambrell
  • Catherine Janes as Doreen Bradshaw, Daisy Bristow, Doris Bishop and Deidre Gambrell
  • Paul Morris as Sidney Bishop
  • Roy Tromelly as Bruno the Heavy and the Reverend Timothy Pooter
  • Phil Rose as A. K. "Bunny" Cheesewright


  • Written by Paul Morris
  • Directed by Simon Barnard
  • Music by Edwin Sykes
  • Post-production by Ant Danbury
  • Design and artwork by Garen Ewing
  • Recorded at Chestnut Studios, London


The Scarifyers return in their second full-length adventure...

A melting minister… a scientific project gripped by madness… a remote village on the Kent coast where the locals have some strange habits indeed. It's all just the ticket for top-secret government department, MI-13.

Lionheart and Dunning are back, to do battle with the Women's Institute, an old adversary and an inter-dimensional being from the dawn of time - THE DEVIL OF DENGE MARSH.


The cast
Heroes and villains
Dunning and Lionheart
De Saxe and Malherbe

“This second audio adventure of the Scarifyers is a pleasingly old-fashioned romp…It’s a gentle comedy, as old-fashioned as the setting, full of peculiarly British eccentrics and grotesques, but is no worse for that. The story, concerning Lovecraftian goings-on, RAF experiments with acoustic mirrors, and melting ministers, is a rum old concoction, full of pulp fun and spirited characters… The Scarifyers’ gentle, wry and occasionally creepy adventures deserve to continue, and we look forward to future exploits.”
Death Ray magazine

“I broke out into fits of laughing in the high street, much to the consternation of passers by. Word of warning, if you're going to listen to this in public you may spend an inordinate time with a silly grin on your face. Having settled into their new characters Nicholas Courtney (Lionheart) and Terry Molloy (Dunning) put in even better performances the second time around. A professionally produced, well acted, funny yarn, which should entertain anyone from eight to eighty. This release is a little slice of audio perfection.”
Sci-fi Online

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