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  • Nicholas Courtney as Lionheart
  • Terry Molloy as Professor Dunning
  • Brian Blessed as Sir Basil Champion
  • David Benson as D.D. Denham, Caulfield-Browne and Percival Pickering
  • Lizzie Roper as Kitty Smith, Beryl Champion and Matron
  • Alex Lowe as Headley Waghorn, Herbert Crane and Samuel Ravenscroft
  • David Bickerstaff as Hamish Harris, Mr Sparrow and Captain Kloot


  • Written by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris
  • Produced and directed by Simon Barnard
  • Music by Edwin Sykes
  • Post-production by Ant Danbury
  • Design and artwork by Garen Ewing
  • Recorded at Chestnut Studios, London


Sir Basil Champion (Brian Blessed) is the world's worst explorer. In a career that has seen him lost in the Kalahari, captured by pygmies, and held captive for two-and-a-half years in a pit of rabid guinea fowl, it seems his luck can get no worse - until he is eaten by a rhinoceros.

Some weeks after his unlikely demise, MI-13 is called upon to investigate a mysterious outbreak of the Black Death - at a Chelsea solicitor's during the reading of Sir Basil's will...

Has Sir Basil's legendary bad luck reached out from beyond the grave, or is there a more sinister explanation? And what is the connection with his ill-fated Egyptian expedition fourteen years earlier?

Lionheart (Nicholas Courtney) and Dunning (Terry Molloy) must journey from London to the highlands of Scotland and the lost tombs of Egypt, to uncover the truth behind Champion's death... and THE CURSE OF THE BLACK COMET.


The cast
Terry, Brian  and Nick
Nick and Brian
Lucky Brian

"This is a first-class romp... Nicholas Courtney and Terry Molloy are now well-established as the no-nonsense Lionheart and timid academic Dunning. Both clearly enjoy playing their respective characters and manage to hold their own against the mighty Brian Blessed, in itself no mean feat… Once again, Cosmic Hobo has created a delightful comedy drama which has a real sense of period. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Scarifyers stories yet."
Den of Geek

“If you like derring-do, Boys' Own Adventures with a bit of a modern twist, then The Scarifyers is for you. Now on its fourth frenetic adventure, it features Doctor Who's Brigadier, aka Nicholas Courtney, alongside the same show's Davros, Terry Molloy, as two operatives for British Intelligence between the World Wars who get caught in sticky situations. Add in Brian Blessed, going so far over the top that's he coming back around the other side, as intrepid but unlucky explorer Sir Basil Champion and you've got a recipe for pure audio magic.”

Total Sci-Fi Online

“This latest adventure benefits from guest artist Brian Blessed, playing Sir Basil Champion, an inept explorer who is as mad as a bag of frogs, which allows Blessed to go completely over the top to great comic effect… Having listened to the previous stories I have learnt not to listen to The Scarifyers in the car, as I end up laughing way too much to be safe on the road.”

Sci-Fi Online

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