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  • Nicholas Courtney as Lionheart
  • Terry Molloy as Professor Dunning
  • Leslie Phillips as Colonel Black
  • Nigel Havers as Victor Bright
  • David Benson as Arthur Nesbitt, Harold Snoad, Harry Moss, the Dean and Sergeant Borrie
  • Alex Lowe as Jaspher Pleydell-Bouverie, Jimmy the Spiv, Dimitri Dubrovsky, PC Slack and Mr Sturridge
  • Lizzie Roper as Primula Manningtree, Beatrice Mayfly and Marina Markova
  • David Bickerstaff as Rev. Walter “Wally” Webber and Heinz Soss


  • Written by Paul Morris and Simon Barnard
  • Produced and directed by Simon Barnard
  • Music by Edwin Sykes
  • Post-production by Nick Gratwick
  • Design and artwork by Garen Ewing
  • Recorded at Moat Studios, London


After an unfortunate bathchair accident, Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) is temporarily invalided out of the Secret Service. But returning to his first love, writing, proves more perilous than expected.

Meanwhile, unhinged MI-13 chief Colonel Black (Leslie Phillips) has a new case for Lionheart (Nicholas Courtney). Partnered with top spy - and housewives’ favourite - Victor Bright (Nigel Havers), Lionheart investigates the disappearance of a fabled super weapon - and discovers they aren't the only ones searching for it...

Death stalks our heroes at every turn. Lionheart and Dunning must fight for their lives as dark forces gather around the mysterious SECRET WEAPON OF DOOM...


Leslie and Nigel
Lizzie, Terry and Alex
Moat Studios
Ding dong

“The quality of the previous adventures has always been excellent and this new outing in the series has little trouble maintaining this high level… The central strength of the audio comedy/drama is the sharp witted dialogue written for the characters, which sometimes borders on the bawdy… Never a dull moment and always a joy to listen to, The Scarifyers continues to go from strength to strength.”
Sci-Fi Online

“Every adventure of The Scarifyers is good fun, and this one is no exception. It manages to contain the worst jailbreak of all time, the best escape plan ever concocted, poison soup, a man afraid of wasps, a woman throwing potatoes, an authentic Middle-earth funeral, a duck-based explosive device, and Nigel Havers deducing Lionheart’s occupation by the size of his waistband… Courtney’s last turn as Lionheart sees him going out on a high note.”
Unreality SF

“The Scarifyers are back in The Secret Weapon of Doom, with Nicholas Courtney’s Lionheart teamed up with Nigel Havers’ suave but not very bright agent Victor Bright, while Terry Molloy’s Dunning encounters a prototype of the Viewers and Listeners Association. Terrible jokes and scattergun homages to crime and fantasy fiction make this a highly entertaining listen. Well worth catching."
VERDICT: 8/10 Total Sci-Fi Online

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