Bafflegab Break

We’re taking a short break, until 17th July, so any CD orders in the meantime won’t be sent out until then. Downloads are unaffected.


The Gnomes of Death!

The tenth adventure for The Scarifyers is out today! After a decade spent fighting Cromwell, Rasputin, Nazis and inter-dimensional beings from the dawn of time, this time our heroes are battling actual garden gnomes. It’s better than it sounds, we promise.

If you like it, then please do leave a review on Amazon or elsewhere, it all helps. And if you still haven’t bought it, then hop to it! Then maybe we’ll make another one, and won’t take so long about it.


New York Radio Awards

We won a thing! In a glittering ceremony (we assume it was glittering, we didn’t go) at the Manhattan Penthouse in New York last night, Baker’s End: Gobbleknoll Hall picked up the Gold award for Best Audiobook. That’s best audiobook in the world!

Bafflegab previously won Gold at  the New York Festivals Awards in 2015, with The Brenda and Effie Mysteries. Baker’s End author, Paul Magrs, was mightily chuffed: ‘Oh frabjous day..! To win gold again is amazing! And this script in particular has ALL my favourite things in it – giant cats, haunted houses, glam rock stars, ghost hunters and Tom Baker down the pub!’

To celebrate we’re offering Gobbleknoll Hall for 50% off for the next week, so you can hear what all the fuss is about.


New website

Say hello to our new website! It’s now compatible with these snazzy new things they call mobile phones, and looks nicer too.

Do drop in from time to time, as we have a cornucopia of exciting releases to be announced in 2017 (well, four) – starting with the long-awaited return of The Scarifyers, on June 30th. And if you haven’t pre-ordered The Gnomes of Death yet, then what are you waiting for?