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The Scarifyers: The Gnomes of Death

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The Scarifyers: The Gnomes of Death

Crow and Dunning find themselves pitted against their shortest foes yet.

Starring: David Warner, Terry Molloy and Matthew Holness

Baker's End: Gobbleknoll Hall

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Baker's End: Gobbleknoll Hall

Winner of the New York Festivals Radio Award 2017 for Best Audiobook!

Starring: Tom Baker, Katy Manning and Susan Jameson

The Brenda and Effie Mysteries 1

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The Brenda and Effie Mysteries 1

There's a strange new landlady in Whitby; a lady with a black beehive, nasty scars and a chequered past

Starring: Anne Reid, Alex Lowe and Chris Pavlo

Hammer Chillers

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Hammer Chillers

Six full-cast contemporary tales of terror from horror legends Hammer Films

Starring: Miles Jupp, Con O'Neill, Alex Lowe and Camille Coduri

It’s great to be able to retreat into the lunatic world of the Scarifyers.... Guest stars Matthew Holness and Phil Rose join in the fun with gusto and as ever, writers Simon Barnard and Paul Morris throw in as many mad ideas as the script can contain. There’s even more of a feeling of the colour episodes of The Avengers than there was before... Madcap extraordinary fun.

Paul Simpson - Sci-Fi Bulletin

They may have been out of action for a couple of years, but The Scarifyers haven’t missed a beat in their downtime and The Gnomes of Death slides straight back into their delightfully ridiculous and wonderfully absurd universe with ease, proving that the best series, like the finest of wines, just get better with age

Tim Cundle - Mass Movement

The Scarifyers: The Gnomes of Death is a great story, well directed and produced with the usual flair so evident in this series ever since it began back in 2006... It’s been over two years since we least heard from The Scarifyers, and on the strength of this latest release, their powers to entertain are undiminished

Tony Jones - Starburst Magazine

Amusing, alarming and decidedly alcoholic in places, if you have not dipped a toe into the world of The Scarifyers before, The Gnomes of Death is a great place to start!

Ian McCardell - Cultbox

Tatty Bogle is marvellous. Never have I listened to a piece of work that can with, one sentence, scare me, confuse me, make me cackle with glee and provide a little food for thought... Paul Magrs needs to be sanctioned. Seriously. But only after he writes the next 34 ‘Baker’s End’ episodes

Ian McCann - We Are Cult


Blood on Satan’s Claw

We've been keeping quiet about this for a while, but finally we're very pleased to announce that we're remaking ‘70s horror classic Blood on Satan’s Claw on audio... with Mark Gatiss and Reece Shearsmith! Adapted…

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The Gnomes of Death!

The tenth adventure for The Scarifyers is out today! After a decade spent fighting Cromwell, Rasputin, Nazis and inter-dimensional beings from the dawn of time, this time our heroes are battling actual garden gnomes. It's…

New York Radio Awards

We won a thing! In a glittering ceremony (we assume it was glittering, we didn't go) at the Manhattan Penthouse in New York last night, Baker's End: Gobbleknoll Hall picked up the Gold award for…