Happy New Year

Well – what a very weird year this has been. We seem to have spent most of it peering at makeshift home studios on Zoom, couriering microphones up and down the country, and changing plans at the drop of a hat due to Covid. But at least, unlike many, we were able to carry on, and due to the good humour and perseverance of our casts, writers and production crew, we’ve managed to produce a lot of hours of audio drama this year.

So thanks a million billion to everyone who listened to Children of the Stones on BBC Sounds, Arkham County and The Wizard of Oz on Audible, The Space Programme on Fun Kids Radio and our little Scarifyers lockdown skit, Cold Call. We hope you liked them. There’s *lots* more to come in 2021, kicking off with something we’re dying to talk about, but can’t yet, on BBC Sounds from January 21st.

Happy New Year, everyone! x