The Scarifyers: The Podcast

The Scarifyers is now a podcast! Every Thursday we’ll be releasing a new episode, and you can listen to the first two right now at the links below. If you’d like us to carry on making new episodes, then please, please do rate, review and subscribe… the future of The Scarifyers depends on you!






The Ash Tree wins Gold!

Our adaptation of M.R. James’ The Ash Tree won Gold for Best Drama Special at last night’s New York Festivals Radio Awards!

We’ll be cracking open the virtual champagne today with our writer Matthew Holness, our cast – Reece Shearsmith, Amanda Abbington, John Sessions and Margaret Cabourn-Smith, our sound designer Simon Robinson and composer Edwin Sykes.

Writer Matthew Holness says: “I’m delighted that ‘The Ash Tree’ has received a Gold award at the 2020 New York Radio Awards. It was a huge privilege to work with such a talented cast and I’m grateful to Bafflegab for the opportunity to adapt the work of M R James for a modern audience.”

Director/producer Simon Barnard adds: “The judges at these awards must have a thing for folk horror – we won Gold in 2018 for Blood on Satan’s Claw, again in 2019 for A View from a Hill, and again for this! Was really proud of this one – huge thanks to Matthew for writing such a brilliant script, to Reece, Amanda, John and Margaret for turning in such brilliant performances, and to Simon and Edwin for their brilliant sound design and music.”

The Scarifyers lockdown special!

Desperate times call for desperate measures… The Scarifyers return in this lockdown special adventure, free to download here.

Professor Dunning is in lockdown. He’s trapped in his university rooms with just Digby, his dog, and Mr Wilson, a cricket ball with a face drawn on in biro, for company.

Dunning’s well-equipped for a spell in confinement. He has port to drink, Mr Wilson to talk to and the new volume of Pedagogical Grammars Before the Eighteenth Century to read. Besides, Harry Crow will be along soon to rescue him…

But as the days pass, Dunning’s sanity and hopes of rescue start to ebb away. Will his port reserves run dry? Is Mr Wilson laughing at him? And who – or what – is Dunning actually hiding from?

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed their time for free to make this happen: the cast (Terry Molloy, David Benson and Lisa Bowerman), sound designer Mark Hendrick, composer Edwin Sykes, artist Matthew Dow Smith and writers Simon and Paul.

The Wizard of Oz

Our latest production for Audible is out now! And it’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, adapted by Paul Magrs and starring Lydia West and Jim Broadbent. Check it out on Audible here.

ARIA Awards

A brilliant night was had by all last night at the London Palladium for the ARIA awards, UK radio’s nearest thing to the Oscars (minus the movie stars, TV broadcast or red carpet)

We were thrilled – and very surprised – to win Silver for our adaptation of M.R. James’s A View from a Hill. Huge thanks and congratulations to writer Mark Morris; our amazing cast, comprising of Alice Lowe, Andy Nyman, Kerry Howard, Anna Carteret and Ewan Bailey; our equally amazing sound designer and composer, David Roocroft; Audible UK, for commissioning it in the first place; and last but not least, M.R. James himself!

The Space Programme

Coming to Fun Kids Radio on February 21st is The Space Programme, our new 20-part space soap opera for kids. Written by Eddie Robson, it follows the adventures of a group of kids living on a tiny Scottish island, which unexpectedly becomes the base for a new space programme… and the competition among them to become the world’s first child astronaut!

Huge fun to make, and (we think) the first-ever children’s radio drama serial on independent radio. You can listen it here.

Peter Pan

We can finally announce something that we’ve been busy working on for the past few months, and is finally out today – it’s Peter Pan!

This is Audible’s free Christmas gift this year to subscribers, so if you’re a member do have a listen. It stars Rupert Everett – who’s brilliant – as Hook, Adeel Akhtar (Utopia) as Smee, and Eleanor Worthington-Cox (Britannia) as Wendy.

And if that’s not enough, the adaptation was written by the horrendously talented Paul Magrs (Baker’s End, Brenda and Effie, Doctor Who) – so do check it out if you can, it’s a lot of fun. And free.

Black Friday!

It’s Black Friday! So we’re cutting 50% off all* of our download prices for the next 24 hours. That’s any* title – The Scarifyers, Baker’s End, Blood on Satan’s Claw, The Hellbound Heart, Brenda and Effie – for just £2.49. (*when we say all of our titles, we mean except for The Ash Tree. So almost all)



Win signed The Ash Tree artwork

If you pre-order our upcoming audio of M.R. James’ The Ash-Tree, you could win one of ten A4 prints of Stuart Manning’s fantastic artwork, signed at the recording session by Reece Shearsmith, Amanda Abbington, John Sessions and Matthew Holness. Just pre-order a CD or download from this site before 6th December. Good luck!


A Ghost Story for Christmas

We’re releasing a Ghost Story for Christmas!

Matthew Holness, best known for TV series Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and his critically lauded debut feature Possum, has penned a new audio ghost story for us: an updating of the classic M.R. James story The Ash Tree.

His modern-day full-cast adaptation stars Amanda Abbington (Sherlock), Reece Shearsmith (Inside No 9) and John Sessions (Stella Street). It’s very spooky.

Matt says: “I find M. R. James’ The Ash Tree perhaps the most disturbing of all his ghost stories, combining a dark atmosphere of supernatural horror with a grim study of human cruelty. It’s been a real pleasure adapting this uniquely stark and sombre tale for audio.”

The Ash Tree will be released on CD (for £7.99) and download (for £4.99 plus VAT) on December 6th, and you can pre-order it right now.