Hunting Ghosts with Gatiss and Coles

  • "If cosy ghost story is not already a subgenre like cosy crime, these two could make it one." Patricia Nicol, Sunday Times

Mark Gatiss has spent his career writing about ghosts, but he’s never actually seen one. Richard Coles though believes he’s had his own real-life brushes with the supernatural.

Last year, the two met for the first time and Richard invited Mark to visit his former parish in Finedon, Northamptonshire, reputedly the most haunted in England.

Now the two of them – one believer, one atheist – are going ghost-hunting.

Presented by Mark Gatiss and Richard Coles
Produced by Gareth McLean and Simon Barnard
Sound design: Charlie Brandon-King
Music by Evelyn Sykes

Released December 2022 on BBC Radio 4