The Scarifyers lockdown special!

Desperate times call for desperate measures… The Scarifyers return in this lockdown special adventure, free to download here.

Professor Dunning is in lockdown. He’s trapped in his university rooms with just Digby, his dog, and Mr Wilson, a cricket ball with a face drawn on in biro, for company.

Dunning’s well-equipped for a spell in confinement. He has port to drink, Mr Wilson to talk to and the new volume of Pedagogical Grammars Before the Eighteenth Century to read. Besides, Harry Crow will be along soon to rescue him…

But as the days pass, Dunning’s sanity and hopes of rescue start to ebb away. Will his port reserves run dry? Is Mr Wilson laughing at him? And who – or what – is Dunning actually hiding from?

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed their time for free to make this happen: the cast (Terry Molloy, David Benson and Lisa Bowerman), sound designer Mark Hendrick, composer Edwin Sykes, artist Matthew Dow Smith and writers Simon and Paul.