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Bafflegab Productions - Awards
  • New York Festivals Radio Awards 2021 Best Serialized Podcast : Gold
  • New York Festivals Radio Awards 2020 Best Drama Special: Gold
  • ARIA Awards 2020 Best Fictional Storytelling: Silver

The Battersea Poltergeist

What really happened at 63 Wycliffe Road? A paranormal cold case, re-investigated through a thrilling blend of drama and documentary. Presented by Danny Robins and starring Dafne Keen and Toby Jones.

Children of the Stones

Mia Brake moves to a village framed by an ancient stone circle. But all is not right in Milbury... A new adaptation of the cult 1977 TV serial, starring India Brown and Reece Shearsmith.

Blood on Satan's Claw

Evil stirs in the village of Hexbridge… An adaptation of the 1971 folk horror classic, starring Mark Gatiss, Reece Shearsmith and Alice Lowe

The Ash Tree

A new audio adaptation of the classic M.R. James ghost story, written by Matthew Holness and starring Amanda Abbington, Reece Shearsmith and John Sessions.